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  1. Natural Unheated Blue Spinel Cushion Shape 4.18ct With GIA Report
  2. Natural Unheated Rare Green Kyanite Emerald Shape 10.98 Carats With GRS Report
  3. Natural Unheated Purple Zoisite Oval Shape 2.66 Carats With GIA Report
  4. Natural Unheated Ceylon Pink Sapphire Oval Shape 5.58ct With GUBELIN Report
  5. Natural Heated Pink Sapphire Purplish Pink Color Round Shape 1.74 Carats With GIA Report
  6. Natural Unheated Green Zoisite Pear Shape 6.96 Carats With GIA Report
  7. Natural Unheated Hessonite Garnet Yellowish Orange Color 14.64 Carats With GIA report
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  8. Natural Paraiba Tourmaline 13.13ct  With GIA Report
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  9. Natural Unheated Pink Tourmaline Cushion Shape 77.99ct With GIA Report
  10. Natural Unheated Andalusite Orange Brown Octagonal Shape 8.19 Carats With GIA Report
  11. Natural Alexandrite Blue-Green Changing to Pinkish Purple Color 2.24 Carats With GIA Report
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  12. Natural Unheated Lavender Spinel Round Shape 8.19 Carats
  13. Natural Blue Spinel Greenish Blue Color Octagonal Shape 10.94ct With GIA Report Unheated
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