For millennia, kingdoms and fortunes have literally changed hands in order to possess a coveted Sapphire. You may already love it in the traditional blue shade, but new discoveries now bring us rare sapphires in an array of modern tones.
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Natural Unheated Ceylon Pink Sapphire Oval Shape 5.58ct With GUBELIN Report
Natural Blue Sapphire 2.50 Carats With GIA Report
Natural Blue Sapphire 2.09 Carats
Natural Blue Sapphire 2.05 Carats
Natural Blue Sapphire 2.02 Carats
Natural Blue Sapphire 2.01 Carats
Natural Blue Sapphire 1.93 Carats
Natural Blue Sapphire 1.79 Carats
Sold Out
Natural Sapphire 6.29 Carats
Natural Blue Sapphire 7.53 Carats With GIA Report
Natural Yellow Sapphire 14.78 Carats With GIA Report
Natural Vivid Blue Sapphire Pair 10.50 Carats GRS Report Pending
Natural Blue Sapphire 2.16 Carats
Natural Pink Sapphire 1.65 Carats
Natural Pink Sapphire 1.83 Carats
Natural Blue Sapphire Pair 2.75 Total Carats
Natural Bi-Color Sapphire 7.93 Carats With GIA Report
Natural Unheated Light Pink Sapphire 5.57 Carats
Natural Yellow Sapphire 2.13 Carats
Natural Unheated Color Change Sapphire 6.11 Carats With GIA Report
Natural Violet Sapphire 8.01 Carats
Natural Green Sapphire 20.62 Carats
Natural Purple Sapphire 2.59 Carats
Natural Unheated Orange Sapphire 4.14 Carats With GIA Report