Brilliant and dazzling, for centuries red Spinels were mistaken for rubies. Spinels blaze in a place of honor in the crowns, sacred objects and royal weaponry of many empires. And not just raspberry-jam red, but in a gorgeous spectrum of pinks, blues, purples, oranges and yellows.

Natural Unheated Red Spinel 2.09 Carats With GIA Report
Natural Blue Spinel 3.04 Carats
Natural Mahenge Spinel 3.17 Carats
Natural Red Spinel 6.37 Carats
Natural Unheated Violet Blue Spinel 11.91 Carats With GIA Report
Natural Blue Spinel 7.63 Carats with GIA Report
Natural Blue Spinel 5.64 Carats
Natural Purple Spinel 7.32 Carats
Natural Purple Spinel 6.54 Carats
Natural Neon Pink Spinel 1.37 Carats
Natural Purple Spinel 5.81 Carats
Natural Unheated Mahenge Pink Spinel 1.77 Carats
Natural Unheated Green Blue Spinel 3.12 Carats