Every gem tells an amazing story.


    Victoria Thomas

    'Tis the season to shop for all manner of shiny things. And even as you weigh your choices...oh, what to choose? Pink Sapphire or Pink Tourmaline or Pink Zircon?...leafing through the pages of these two spectacular art-books about contemporary High Jewelry is sure to give you inspo. Zaavy, who created for Faberge, leaves a tender, Impressionistic legacy of technical virtuousity and sensuous wonder as he "painted" with precious gems. Leane, who partnered with the late designer Alexander McQueen, dares us to walk with him into a dark wood of Goth and punk fantasy, rendered with heart-racing beauty.

    Victoria Thomas

    Color is our passion. And while a white-hot diamond solitaire is a traditional choice for an engagement ring, we're telling you that there are juicier, wilder, more interesting precious gemstone choices. Shocking hot pinks. Baby pinks. Princely purples. Electric Greens. Neon oranges. Cosmic blues. Mellow Yellows. And these vibrantly colored precious gemstones we love are often more rare than diamonds.

    Victoria Thomas

    Tourmaline: its name means "many colors", ranging from ripe watermelon-pink through the spectrum of teal, turquoise and deep forest greens.

    According to ancient Egyptian legend, Tourmaline’s astonishing array of colors is evidence that the stones travelled from the earth’s heart to the sun, forming a full rainbow along the way.

    This range of unusual colors, paired with the stone's remarkable brilliance and hardness, make this October birthstone a fashionista favorite year-round!



  • Rare Gemstone Series: Andalusite

    Victoria Thomas

    Andalusite is named for Arab Spain, although these days the most remarkable specimens may be found in Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe or Brazil.

    This rare stone displays multiple colors at once, all in the autumnal spectrum: mossy greens, bourbon-chocolate browns, burnt orange, and burnished golden ambers.  The crystals sometimes form a cross, and for this reason, Andalusite has been sought out as a talisman by Christian pilgrims for centuries.

    It's a stone with a lot of personality, and a modern rebellious streak. Check out our selection today!




  • Shanah Tovah!

    Victoria Thomas

    Rosh Hashanah is September 18. It’s a time for togetherness, family, fruity wines, and tables laden with harvest abundance.
    It’s also a time for great gifts. Let’s dish! We’ve got a luscious array of gems in tones of pomegranate, grape, apples and honey, as well as ready-to-wear rings and more.
    Not to mention candy-pink gems for her upcoming Bat Mitzvah, or as a sweet gift for your Valentine.
    See our ad in The Jewish Journal for Rosh Hashanah special offer.

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