Every gem tells an amazing story.



    Garnet is the birthstone for January, so start your 2021 by checking out our delicious selection of this gorgeous gem!

     Garnet is one of the earth’s most versatile jewels.  You probably know and love the traditional red-purple Garnet that’s the deep color of pomegranate wine.

     But there’s more.

    Get ready to fall in love with some of the more rare Garnets in our collection, including gooseberry-green Grossular and Demantoid, and mandarin-citrus colored Spessartine Garnets!

  • TRIPLITE: The Orange Sensation That’s Almost Too Hot to Handle

    Victoria Thomas

    The name “Triplite” sounds like triple, and that makes sense because this rare orange gemstone cleaves or breaks in three different directions, forming at sharp right angles within the stone. This tripling-action within the formation of the stone makes it brittle, presenting a challenge for even ...
  • Happy Birthday Sagittarius! Beautiful Birthday Blues:Tanzanite

    Victoria Thomas

    Tanzanite is the exquisite blue-violet birthstone for December. Its unusual name references the small hillside region of Tanzania, East Africa, the only place on earth where the gemstone is found. Discovered in 1967,  Tanzanite is more rare than Diamonds, and far more mysterious. This gem formed in the earth approximately 585 million years ago, during the violent shifting of tectonic plates that formed Mount Kilimanjaro. This gem shows blue in daylight, purple indoors, and is believed by some to enable the wearer’s psychic and telepathic abilities.


    Victoria Thomas

    As 2020 draws to a close, it’s a time for deep reflection.  This year has brought vast changes that no one could possibly have anticipated. In the whirlwind of a pandemic virus and global weather crises, just to name two challenges, we naturally seek comfort in Nature.Even city-dwellers find them...
  • TOTALLY TOPAZ: Scorpio’s Coveted Treasure

    Victoria Thomas

    Topaz is the brilliant birthstone for November, and resonates with the zodiac
    sign, Scorpio. Both the stone and the sign appear hard, but we recommend
    always handling with care. You may think of the jewel as tawny in color, or
    perhaps the heat-treated blue shades, but we search the earth for the rarest of
    these gemstones, in tender peaches, pinks, honey-golden and fiery orange
    shades. It’s a magnificent gem with a mysterious legacy.