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It’s spring, nearly summer, and time to stash your basic-black uniform in the closet for a season or two. Celebrate the sun and warm weather with a new piece of High Jewelry color-coded to your favorite movie! 

Color is our passion, and we have a million ideas for your next piece of High Jewelry.  Call us now for a free consultation.


REDS – A romantic 1981 movie about radical American journalist John Reed, written, produced and starring Warren Beatty, with Diane Keaton.

Rubies aren’t your only choice when it comes to reds, although of course we have a few to show you! Also check out some of our amazing Red Spinels. Did you know that until recently, Spinels were usually mis-identified? For centuries, they were mistaken for other gems, and the so-called Black Prince’s Ruby in England’s Crown Jewels is in fact a huge, uncut Red Spinel.

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BLUE LAGOON --  A dreamy coming-of-age movie made in 1980, about two beautiful teenagers who are shipwrecked in Paradise without sunblock, starring Brooke Shields.

Especially in summer, we love clear, blue-green stones that evoke sparkling surf and skinny-dipping under the stars.

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GREEN MILE – A 1999 fantasy drama based on the gripping Stephen King novel of the same name, starring Tom Hanks and Michael Clark Duncan.

Emerald belongs to the “Holy Trinity” of gemstones considered to be the most precious in the world: Diamond, Ruby, Emerald. But you’ll be pleased to know that other precious green stones, like Tsavorite, rival the Emerald in color saturation and sparkle, and may surpass her in clarity—at a fraction of the cost.

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GOLDFINGER – “Bond, James Bond”. Even if you aren’t one for spy thrillers, check out this 1964 Sean Connery classic for a lesson in unflappable British cool.

We’ve got gold fever for gems in the honey-maple syrup range. Many are Garnets, an elegant switch from the standard pomegranate wine-colored Garnets we all know and love. And how about Chrysoberyl, in a sophisticated, smoky green-gold?




PURPLE RAIN – Prince at the height of his ruffled, pouty, eye-linered, hip-switching powers in 1984. Sexy, sequined, flashy, melodramatic, wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove-- all the things we loved about the Purple One.

For thousands of years, purple was the color of royalty. The reason: in the ancient world, purple dye could only be made with a natural colorant squeezed from a rare sea-snail! The resulting dye was so expensive that in classical Greece, wearing purple was the exclusive privilege of the ruling class. But today—purple to the people!




    PINK PANTHER -  “Have you got a li-cense for that…minkey?” Peter Sellers as bumbling Inspector Clouseau is reason enough to see any of the installments in this 1960s-era comedy-mystery series, all centered around the theft of a priceless pink Diamond.

    Today, pink is enjoying a renaissance! Whether the dainty pastel powder-pink of a ballet slipper or the sizzling shock of brilliant electric fuchsia, precious pink gems have surpassed plain old vanilla Diamonds as the engagement ring gem color of leading fashionistas.




      YELLOW SUBMARINE – 1968 was a groovy year, with John, Paul, George and Ringo taking animated form in this charming, trippy, wonderfully silly cartoon feature fueled by irresistibly singable Beatles hits.

      We love precious gems in shades of sunshine, canary and dandelion – so happy, so optimistic, so perfect for summer.




      A CLOCKWORK ORANGE  - Stanley Kubrick’s chilling (and wickedly funny) 1971 masterpiece about Ludwig B. and the old ultraviolence, set in the near future, and starring Malcolm McDowell.

      You probably think of Garnet as being a raspberry jam, red-purple gem. It’s that, and more: some of our favorite Garnets are orange!




        WHITE NIGHTS -  A must for dance-lovers, this 1985 film stars dancers Mikhail Baryshnikov and Gregory Hines, choreographed by the great Twyla Tharp.

        White gems are thrilling and chilling, always elegant, and we’re proud to offer an assortment with enough icy fire and sparkle to send any Diamond into hiding – at a much more modest price point.



          DAYS OF WINE AND ROSES –  A boozy classic from 1961 starring Jack Lemmon and Lee Remick. A sobering departure from Lemmon’s usual comedic roles.

          And no grapey goblet is nearly as intoxicating as gemstones in the shades of the vineyard: deep purple-reds, berry, burgundy, claret, vibrant and vivid. Cheers!


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