Blue Note. Greenish Blue Spinel 10.94ct With GIA Report (Unheated)
Blue velvet. Blue Spinel 4.18ct With GIA Report (Unheated)
Blueberry. Blue Spinel and Diamond Ring
Bubblegum Pop.Mahenge Spinel and Diamond ring
Candy-crush. Purple-Pink Spinel 8.48ct With GIA Report (Unheated)
Cinnamon Girl. Hessonite Garnet 14.64ct With GIA report (Unheated)
Cotton-candy. Pink Sapphire 3.33ct With GIA Report (Unheated)
Da! Da! Russian Demantoid 3.45ct With GIA Report (Unheated)
Deep Space. Blue Sapphire 4.31ct With GIA Report (Unheated)
Deep-dish. Natural Blue Spinel and Diamond Ring
Double-Take. Natural Alexandrite Gemstone 3.26ct With GIA Report
Eye-Candy. Pink Sapphire 1.74ct With GIA Report (Heated)
Fire-starter. Sphene Gemstone 12.07ct
Fuchsia Shock. RUBY 2.01 carats
Go-Time. Natural Green Kyanite Gemstone 10.98ct With GRS Report
Grape Jelly. Natural Purple Garnet and Diamond Ring
Heart of the Forest. Chrome Tourmaline Gemstone 4.15ct
Hello, Sunshine.Yellow Sapphire  25.40ct With GIA Report (Unheated)
Juice-Drop. Natural Orange Spinel Gemstone 2.63ct
Karma Chameleon. Alexandrite 2.24ct With GIA Report (Unheated)
Lavender Blue. Purple Zoisite 2.66ct With GIA Report (Unheated)
Lemon Drop. Natural Chrysoberyl and Diamond Ring
Like Butter. Ceylon Yellow Sapphire 59.81ct With GIA Report (Unheated)
Lilac fever. Purple-Pink Spinel 8.77ct With GIA Report (Unheated)