Loose Gemstones


Live life juicier, bolder, brighter.

Rare, precious gems in delicious colors are our passion and expertise. They are more rare than diamonds. Wear the precious, now. 

Samba-licious. Paraiba Tourmaline  4.10ct With GIA Report
True Blue. Heart Shape Blue Sapphire 4.34ct With GIA Report (Unheated)
Fire-starter. Sphene Gemstone 12.07ct
Deep Space. Blue Sapphire 4.31ct With GIA Report (Unheated)
Tawny. Natural Chrysoberyl Gemstone 30.92ct With GIA Report (Unheated)
Sea-Change. Color Change Tourmaline 6.07ct With GIA Report
Primary Red. Mahenge Spinel Gemstone 1.33ct
Double-Take. Natural Alexandrite Gemstone 3.26ct With GIA Report
Heart of the Forest. Chrome Tourmaline Gemstone 4.15ct
Natural Grossular Garnet Gemstone 4.62ct
Juice-Drop. Natural Orange Spinel Gemstone 2.63ct
Minty-fresh. Natural Tanzanian Kornerupine Gemstone 1.74ct
Midnight. Natural Blue Spinel 4.06ct
Candy-crush. Purple-Pink Spinel 8.48ct With GIA Report (Unheated)
Natural Blue Sapphire 6.74ct With GIA Report (Heated)
Fuchsia Shock. RUBY 2.01 carats
Natural Purple Spinel 8.80ct With GIA Report (Unheated)
Natural Blue Sapphire 3.58ct With GIA Report (Unheated)
Natural Blue Sapphire 4.45ct With Gia Report (Heated)
Natural Yellow Orange Imperial Topaz 42.72ct With GIA Report
Natural Heart Shape Spessartine Garnet 4.98ct
Natural Violet Zoisite 5.54ct With GIA Report (Unheated)
Natural Blue Spinel 5.87ct With GIA Report (Unheated)
Natural Alexandrite 3.05ct With GIA Report(Unheated)