Natural Unheated Ceylon Pink Sapphire Oval Shape 5.58ct With GUBELIN Report

  • $10,091.00


Pink champagne. Pop the cork. This large oval gem is as effervescent as a bottle of bubbly, fizzing with sparkle. Intoxicating and no wonder pink sapphires now are in as much demand as their more conventional blue counterparts.
This stone would make a fantastically romantic stocking-stuffer, engagement ring, or Valentine's gift (Valentine's Day is February 14, 2021)  for a woman who bubbles over with mirth and high spirits.
Gemstone Details
  • Identification: Pink Sapphire
  • Carat: 5.58ct
  • Shape: Oval
  • Measurements: 12.11 x 8.47 x 6.13mm
  • Color: Pink
  • Report: GUBELIN 17097324
  • Treatment: None