Purity. White Sapphire 3.09 ct With GIA Report (Unheated)

  • $3,537.00

Gemstone Details

  • Identification: White Sapphire
  • Carat: 3.09ct
  • Shape: Square
  • Measurements: 7.29 x 6.84 x 6.10 mm
  • Color: White
  • Report: GIA 5191823108
  • Treatment: None    

About White Sapphire 

White sapphires are completely colorless sapphires. Colored sapphires pick up their mouthwatering pinks, yellows, tender purples, and more from the trace elements which are nearly always present within the earth when the crystal is forming.
For this reason, white sapphires are quite rare, and this untreated, icy-perfect, square-cut jewel is zen-like in its pure essence.