Hello, Sunshine.Yellow Sapphire 25.40ct With GIA Report (Unheated)

  • $56,650.00

Gemstone Details

  • Identification: Yellow Sapphire
  • Carat: 25.40ct
  • Shape: Octagonal
  • Measurements: 16.04 x 14.41 x 11.42 mm
  • Color: Yellow
  • Report: GIA 2201514877
  • Treatment: None     

About Yellow Sapphire  

Yellow sapphires are recognized as some of the most beautiful and bright stones that come in very clean large sizes. Yellow sapphires can range in color from chartreuse-yellow to tangerine-yellow and everything in between. Yellow sapphires are far more valuable if they have not been treated by high-temperature heating, and untreated yellow sapphires typically contain feather-like inclusions. This is evidence that the stone has not been treated or altered.

This remarkable, solar-yellow stone is destined for someone who's your sunshine on a cloudy day.