Natural White Sapphire 2.66 Carats
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Natural White Sapphire 2.66 Carats

Natural White Sapphire 2.66 Carats

  • $2,550.00
Snow Sparkle. The morning sun on fresh snowfall dazzles the eye with a play of crystal-light, just like this radiant-cut, whitest of Sapphires.  Pristine and powerful. While color is our passion, there is no denying the white magic of this stone. Depending upon how the light hits the inner geometry of its perfect facets, the stone may seem to emit a laser-like beam of pure light. We love this pure stone as a bridal choice of course, but also as a sensitive choice for anyone who has experienced loss. There is a "zen" quality to a pure white stone, as white is the absence of all color. While we love to associate precious gems with joyful occasions, to everything, there is a season.
Gemstone Details
  • Identification: Natural Sapphire
  • Color: White
  • Carat: 2.66ct
  • Shape: Square
  • Measurements: 7.8 2 x 7.6 1x 4.88 mm
  • Report: Upon Request 
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