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Natural Unheated Green Tourmaline Emerald Shape 32.62 Carats


Green Giant. An exceptionally large, luminous gemstone that might have been destined for a royal crown or scepter in another age. It would be easy to mistake this regal green tone for an emerald, but an emerald of this exceptional size may literally not exist on the earth (if it does, we'll find it for you). This stone presents extreme clarity. It's deep, without being dark or murky, making it a desirable addition for a discriminating collector. It is also wearable as a piece of high jewelry, perhaps as the bold centerpiece of a short necklace, crafted from chunky links of green-gold worn at collar-bone length,for a Byzantine look worthy of Emperor Constantine. Would suit any woman or man with the attitude to wear it.

Gemstone Details

  • Identification: Natural Tourmaline
  • Color: Green
  • Carat: 32.62ct
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Measurements: 19.71 x 13.13 x 8.60 mm
  • Report: Upon Request
  • Treatment: Unheated
  • $8,485.00
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