Natural Tanzanian Kornerupine Oval Shape 1.7 Carats

  • $355.00

Minty-fresh. Extremely rare, this gemstone is coveted by gem collectors and almost never seen in jewelry design. This oval stone's long, prismatic crystals give it an extraordinary shimmer like light passing over moving water. Kornerupine is more common in dark tones, but we weren't satisfied until we located the already-scarce gem in this exceptionally refreshing mint green.  The tone is uplifting and springy, but far from pale. This gem has not been treated or enhanced in any way to alter its natural state -- nature made it amazing enough.

Gemstone Details
  • Identification: Kornerupine
  • Carat: 1.74ct
  • Shape: Oval
  • Measurements: Upon Request
  • Color: Green
  • Report: Upon Request
  • Treatment: None