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Natural Tanzanian Chrome Diopside 4.85 Carats
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Natural Tanzanian Chrome Diopside 4.85 Carats
Natural Tanzanian Chrome Diopside 4.85 Carats

Natural Tanzanian Chrome Diopside 4.85 Carats

Prime Lime. This brighly acid tropical green stone is most common where it's anything but balmy: Siberia.The chromium in the mineral's name is the same element that gives emerald their deeper green hue, which is why it's sometimes called the "Russian Emerald." One important difference: price. Chrome Diopside offers an affordable alternative to pricier green gems, and it's a natural for anyone who loves gardens. But don't wear it when weed-whacking, since it's a comparatively soft stone on the Mohs Hardness Scale.
Gemstone Details
  • Identification: Natural Chrome Diopside
  • Carat: 4.85 Carats
  • Shape: Pear
  • Color: Green
  • Measurements: 13.08 x 8.94 x 5.91 mm   
  • $2,667.00
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  • Had Heritage Gems make me a ring and it turned out absolutely gorgeous. Exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend!!!!

    Jennifer Cannon

  • High quality gemstones, I received an amazing guidance and help in choosing what I was looking for! You can tell they are treating the client seriously and pay attention to your needs. I surely recommend it!