Natural Purple Scapolite 8.17 Carats
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Natural Purple Scapolite 8.17 Carats

Natural Purple Scapolite 8.17 Carats

  • $1,797.00
Ultra Violet. Scapolite gets its name from the Greek word for "shaft" or twig, referencing the long, linear crystal formations of this gem. Metaphysical practitioners call upon it to access the powers of the Crown Chakra, seat of higher consciousness. The deep purple fire of this triangle-cut Purple Scapolite also conjures visions of a royal lineage. Cleopatra, Helen of Troy, Elizabeth 1, Charlemagne or Constantine, would have worn this large 8.17 carat jewel with pride. It will make a heart-stopping ring or powerful pendant, so call us for your free design consultation!
Gemstone Details
  • Identification: Natural Scapolite
  • Carat: 8.17 Carats 
  • Shape: Trillion
  • Color: Purple 
  • Measurements: 13.42 x 13.37. x 9.39 mm
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