Natural Mali Garnet 2.94 Carats
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Natural Mali Garnet 2.94 Carats
Natural Mali Garnet 2.94 Carats

Natural Mali Garnet 2.94 Carats

  • $441.00
Solar Square. Not every Garnet is the deep purply-pomegranate color you already know so well. This sunny, square-cut Garnet sparkles with bright energy in a modern look. Garnet has been worn for centuries for its beauty and also its durability. At 2.94 carats, this square-cut gem may easily be mistaken for a Canary Diamond. We'll never tell...and we're happy to let you know that the price-tag is dramatically lower. The color of sunshine and lemonade, it's a dose of instant optimism. Call us for your free design consultation today!
Gemstone Details
  • Identification: Natural Mali Garnet
  • Carat: 2.94 Carats
  • Shape: Princess
  • Color: Yellowish Green
  • Measurements: 7.29 x 7.33 x 5.80 mm
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