Natural Grossular Garnet 7.69 Carats
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Natural Grossular Garnet 7.69 Carats

Natural Grossular Garnet 7.69 Carats

  • $13,842.00
Springs Eternal. We all love the traditional Garnet: pigeon's blood, pomegranate, purply-red as a heavy table wine. But Garnet is full of surprises, and this luxuriously large, 7.69 carat Grossular Garnet is one of the most amazing! The color is a fresh, transparent, brilliant herbal mint green, as refreshing as sherbet on a sultry day. We love garden-green as a symbol of perpetual renewal and hope. Call us today for your free design consultation.
Gemstone Details
  • Identification: Natural Grossular Garnet
  • Carat: 7.69 Carats
  • Shape: Cushion
  • Color: Green
  • Measurements: 11.48 x 9.66 x 7.05 mm
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