Shape-Shifter. Natural Color Change Garnet and Diamond Necklace

  • $24,450.00

Jewelry Details 

  • Item Number: 47217 
  • Metal Type: 18kt White Gold 
  • Gold Weight: 13.8 gram 
  • Metal Finish: Polished 
  • Setting Type: Prong 

Gemstone Details 

  • Variety: Color Change Garnet 
  • Shape: Round 
  • Gemstone Carat Weight: 14.44 ct 

Diamond Details 

  • Total Carats: 2.3 ct  
  • Shape: Round 


About Color Change Garnet

Color change garnet is an especially rare and valuable member of the garnet group of gemstones. It is highly desired for its distinct ability to change color depending on the type of light source with which it is viewed. With color change garnet, the intensity of color-change can be quite dramatic, often surpassing that of the finest alexandrite. There are a variety of other color change combinations possible.