Natural Amethyst 2.12 Carats
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Natural Amethyst 2.12 Carats
Natural Amethyst 2.12 Carats

Natural Amethyst 2.12 Carats

  • $67.00

"Born to the Purple." This term in Latin meant someone who was born into royal lineage. For centuries, only the ruling class was permitted to wear purple. Commoners daring to wear the color were fined and sometimes imprisoned! The reason being that purple dye was extremely rare, extracted from mollusks called Murex that were kept alive in sea-water "nurseries" where the purple dye was gently squeezed out of them! Keep that in mind, and wear your regal purple with the pride of an empress! 

Gemstone Details

  • Identification: Natural Amethyst

Gemstone Specification

  • Carat: 2.12 Carats 
  • Shape: Cushion
  • Color: Purple 
  • Measurements: 8.20 x 8.12 x 5.32 mm
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