Rain Forest. Green Zoisite 6.96ct With GIA Report (Rare Gemstone)

  • $12,440.00

Gemstone Details

  • Spices: Green Zoisite
  • Variety: Tanzanite
  • Carat: 6.96ct
  • Shape: Pear
  • Measurements: 14.65 x 9.91 x 7.44 mm
  • Color: Green
  • Report: GIA 210107429986
  • Treatment: None    

About Zoisite

This large green gemstone captures sunlight in its depths, just as plants transform light into food during photosynthesis.
Unlike an emerald, which will bring cool blue notes into its color-play, this Green Zoisite radiates warmth, like sunlight flashing off the broad leaves of rainforest plants.
Green is always regarded as the color of new beginnings, new growth, and is symbolic of the power of the life-force.