A rare mineral which is new to most collectors and jewelers.The name references the stone’s tendency to cleave or grow in three directions. The color-range falls in the apricot-persimmon range, a spicy, poignant autumnal palette.  
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Natural Kornerupine 4.40 Carats
Natural Danburite 9.64 Carats with GIA Report
Natural Bi-Color Sapphire 7.93 Carats With GIA Report
Natural Chondrodite 3.94 Carats With GIA Report
Natural Cats Eye Chrysoberyl 4.15 Carats
Natural Moonstone 10.59 Carats
Natural Unheated Mahenge Garnet 21.62 Carats
Natural Unheated Phenakite 44.18 Carats
Natural Andradite Garnet 6.42 Carats
Natural Danburite 8.51 Carats
Natural Purple Scapolite 2.51 Carats
Natural Rhodochrosite 1.90 Carats
Natural Axinite 4.07 Carats With GIA Report
Natural Apatite 5.61 Carats
Natural Kornerupine 2.54 Carats