Named for the deep red seeds of the pomegranate, Garnet is a gem long-cherished for its brilliance and fire. You may be surprised to learn, however, that not all garnets are red, although the wine-purple “pigeon’s blood” shade will always be definitively chic. Smoky greens and grays are among the more subtle forms of garnet.

Natural Tsavorite 5.10 Carats
Natural Tsavorite 2.99 Carats
Natural Tsavorite 2.93 Carat
Natural Tsavorite 2.58 Carat
Natural Tsavorite 2.45 Carat
Natural Tsavorite 2.34 Carats
Natural Tsavorite 1.98 Carats
Natural Purple Garnet 11.31 Carats
Natural Purple Garnet Set 14.20 Total Carat
Natural Purple Garnet Three Piece Set Pear Shape 3.05 Total Carat Weight
Natural Purple Garnet Pair 19.37 Carats
Natural Hessonite Garnet 3.42 Carats